Bradley John Dierking

bradley john dierkingBradley John Dierking is an experienced programmer, open source software proponent and avid reader of everything related to web development. Bradley John Dierking leverages 10+ years of experience in the web development space to solve complex problems not only functionally, but elegantly. Whether the need is to build something custom, integrate with something proprietary or to bridge the gap to something legacy, Bradley John Dierking and his dedicated team consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations. The word “can’t” simply is not in their vocabulary. Bradley John Dierking worked as an independent web programming consultant to numerous private companies from California to South Africa in markets that ranged from VOIP Telecommunications to Consumer Loyalty Solutions. Mr. Bradley John Dierking studied Computer Science at San Diego State University and continues to stay abreast of all things web-related. According to Brad, “In this business if you are not learning constantly, you are falling behind.”

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