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Getty Images Suing Website Owners

If I didn’t see the correspondence myself, I probably would not have believed it. Yes, Getty Images is suing website owners for using their images supposedly without paying for the rights. They have a software that crawls webpages, using an algorithm it can detect Getty images even if they have been cropped, or otherwise slightly altered. The images need not have the Getty watermark to be detected. That’s fine so they find people using their images and then send them a cease and desist letter, right? No they are demanding upwards of 20 times the original image price, threatening legal action. For this reason I will never use Getty Images and will continue to use iStockPhoto. Turns out that Getty acquired iStock photo… Anyone have other suggestions on who to use for low-cost stock photos?

Here is an interesting website devoted to the topic: Getty Extortion Letter

Programmer Joke

I heard this joke recently and thought that I should share it with fellow programmers:

Q: How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: None – it’s a hardware issue :)

Goodnight PayPerPost (PPP)

For those readers who are not familiar with PayPerPost it is a system where advertisers pay bloggers to write articles or reviews about their products or company, almost always with a link to the website in exchange for money. It is basically sponsored blogging. The benefit to the advertiser is usually hopes of better SEO from link building.

Looks like Google single-handedly ended the PayPerPost (PPP) industry with one knock out punch. According to an article on Adotas Google has started zapping the page rank of any blog found to be engaging in PayPerPost activities. That’s a pretty serious penalty, definitely not worth the few bucks received for a sponsored article… I am sure there will be more to come on this issue. In no time we will see that PayPerPost, which has always been questionable, is a dead end road…