Replace Listmenu with Textfield

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Say you have a dropdown form field where you ask the user how they heard about you. You have numerous options and also an other field where if they selected other, then they enter the value in a text field. This is a cleaner alternative where if the user selects Other, then the dropdown turns into a textfield of the same name, so that your post routine, grooming, validation, writing to DB etc all works seamlessly. This example uses prototype JS library.

Here is a working example:

How did you hear about BRADINO?

All you have to do is have an dropdown option for Other and then add call the function onchange:


Here is the javascript function that uses Prototype:

function overrideListmenu(field){
	if ($F(field) == 'Other'){
		Element.replace($(field), '<input name="'+field+'" id="'+field+'" type="text" value="">');

Here is the javascript function that uses jQuery:

function overrideListmenu(field){
	if ($('#'+field).val() == 'Other'){
		$('#'+field).after('<input name="'+field+'" id="'+field+'" type="text" value="">').remove(); 

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